Friday, August 17, 2012

Thirty-One Adoption "Fun"raiser

The word "fun" is not normally used for begging inviting friends, family, and unassuming strangers to give money or buy things to support our journey in adopting twins from the Democratic Republic of Congo. However, what could not be fun about Thirty-One gifts!

Our friend, Leslianna,* who is also adoping a little boy from the DRC, has offered to give her commission from our "catalog party" for our adoption. All of her commission will be used to help bring the twins home! (*Click on her name to see their family blog and follow their adoption journey!)

Ordering is simple. Use this link "Thornton Family Thirty-One Adoption Fundraiser" to browse and place orders online. Sales will end August 28th and orders will be placed at end of month. Please let Leslianna or us know if you need more time or if you need items sooner.

We also appreciate you sharing this with your friends and family (Twitter, Facebook, direct email, etc.). If you would like to have a catalog to look at or share and live locally, leave a comment and we will get one to you!

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Tessy said...

Hey! I am having a Fundraiser Link-up party on my blog today!! Feel free to join in. I am going to share my blog link again on Monday and tell all my friends to check out these amazing fundraisers.

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