Sunday, August 5, 2012


This is not a way to celebrate "back to school" week in our house, but a fun way to announce:


This past week our agency called to share information with us about 6 year old twins in the DRC who are in need of a forever family. After reading the brief description of the sweet boy and girl and seeing their faces, we feel the Lord is leading us to begin the legal process to adopt them.

We have some information about them, but will not share personal information or pictures on the internet for security and privacy for them. (But if you see us in person and ask, we'll be happy to whip out our phones and share a picture!)

We are certain we are being called to begin the process to adopt them and trust the Lord to guide us on this journey.  This is where the certainty ends! We have a general timeline (10-13 months) to travel and will possibly know more as families in our agency start to travel to the DRC.

Several have asked how we will be able to cope with be separated from them and waiting so long to bring them home. It will be very difficult for all of us, but we are encouraged by scripture:

"A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in his holy dwelling." 
Psalms 65:8

So thankful to know God as "Heavenly Father" and to trust His care and protection!


Tessy said...

Very exciting! I am a mom to boy/girl twins and it has been quite the adventure. :-) So happy for your referral.

Tessy at

Sheila said...

I am excited to follow your journey. We are adopting a 6 year old girl from Uganda. I look forward to reading your posts. So glad i stumbled upon your blog. :)