Thursday, October 31, 2013

Ethiopia Update

Ethiopia so far is wonderful! After a few days, we have fallen into a routine of seeing the children, resting, and eating. We are grateful for our agency's accommodations, staff, and transportation each day!

Meeting Yosef and Genet on Wednesday was both surreal and a joy that we are having a difficult time putting into words. Genet was waiting on the porch for us and came straight into my arms. Yosef followed closely behind. Hearing them call us "mom and dad" for the first time was beyond what we had imagined. 

We have enjoyed going to their transition house each day and spending 1-2 hours with them. They have enjoyed working puzzles, playing with play dough, singing for us, playing hide and seek, blowing bubbles, and playing basketball with us. It is so fun to see some of their personality! Although there is a language barrier, the photo album we brought helps, along with Thom's Amharic app. One thing has been communicated clearly: buying bicycles is in our near future!

Soaking up as much of the culture as possible is important to us. On our 45 minute drive to the transition home each day we are usually very quiet and observant of all that is around us. It is so much to take in and I pray that we are able to remember as much as possible with them. 

Last night, our director and driver took us to a wonderful traditional Ethiopian restaurant. We love Ethiopian food and we were not disappointed! We enjoyed hearing traditional music and watching the dancing. I may or may not have been captured on camera dancing on stage. I only wish Y & G could have experienced with us, as well as K & D!

Today is our court day. We will present our intention to adopt Y & G before the judge; after the hearing, they will officially be Thorntons according to the Ethiopian court!! Afterwards, we will go to visit them again in the transition home. Until we are approved by the US Embassy (6-8 weeks), they will continue to be cared for by the nannies at the transition home. 

This weekend, we are grateful to have the opportunity to travel 1-2 hours away to the town and orphanage where they previously lived. This is a trip we will take with our director, who is also from the area. We pray that we will be able to gain greater insight into things they have experienced and their culture. 

We appreciate prayers as we continue to walk this journey as a family. Pray for Yosef and Genet; we cannot imagine all they are thinking and experiencing. Pray for Katie and David as we are away. Thank you for your prayers and support. 

Thom and Lori 

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Debbie Schellhase said...

Praying for all six of you... What an amazing gift God is giving you. And them. Praying for you as you soak of memories of their culture and for sweet moments together before your return. Also praying for K & D as they must be excited to have you back home soon. May God richly bless you all.