Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Where have we been?

I realized the other day that I have only posted once in March and the month has almost passed. Since moving to Nashville in 2009, it has become one of our busier months. Here are a few highlights of what we've been up to lately.

Thom traveled on a week-long mission trip with the Baptist ministry group from Vanderbilt. This group was a special mixture of students who have been apart of the ministry since Thom first started in 2009 and students who are freshmen. They enjoyed a great week of ministry opportunities in New Orleans and even were able to take in a few Vanderbilt basketball games during the tournament.
SPOTS 2012 Mission Team

BCM Seniors
While Thom was away, Katie had the regional Destination Imagination (DI) tournament. Thom coached the team again this year and I helped out while he was away. The team placed again this year (2nd place) in their category/age group. They are preparing now to go to state competition in mid-April.
DI Team Challenge
David has been busy with Cub Scouts and baseball.  He and Thom joined his local group (pack/troop) on an overnight camping trip a few weekends ago. They braved the rain and David was able to do one of his favorite activities: fishing!
A favorite past time!

David also started baseball practice a few weeks ago and had his first games this week. 

Baseball ready!
We also travelled to SC to celebrate my brother's 40th birthday, relax, and enjoy time together!

My "little brother" Robbie
Katie and her cousin Jonathan after playing "Happy Birthday"
One of the highlights for me, personally, was going to the Created for Care retreat outside Atlanta last weekend. I will write more later, but this was an incredible time of worship, learning, and rest with 450 other adoptive moms. I was able to travel and stay with 2 good friends from church and meet a few other women from around the country who are adopting in the Democratic Republic of Congo!

Adoption Updates:
Though it has been a "fairly quiet" month on the adoption front, we have received several pieces of good news. First, we have been accepted by 1 Seed for a fundraising event at the Puffy Muffin in October. We have been to 2 adoption fundraisers with 1 Seed families and are excited about the opportunity to fund raise with them.

Finally, we have been accepted by Lifesong for Orphans for a matching adoption grant!! Through our church, we will receive up to $2000 in a matching grant. The maximum we will receive is $4000. However, we now have an account for additional tax deductible donations, which will be sent by Lifesong to our agency for upcoming fees. We will share more about how to partner with us soon in a separate post!

We continue to wait for a referral, but know the timing is in God's hands. The international director from our agency is traveling this week and next to visit with our lawyer and partnering orphanages. Pray for clarity and discernment as they continue to build relationships with the local pastors and organizations and seek to partner with more orphanages.

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