Monday, March 5, 2012

 "Not to us, O LORD, not to us but to your name be the glory,
because of your love and faithfulness."
Psalm 115:1 

I could write a long, honest post, detailing how discouraged we felt at the end of January and most of February. I could use the words I, me, we, and us way too much. But, I won't. (Trust me--this is my 3rd attempt at writing this post and I bored myself!)

In short, at the end of January, we found out a fee was due earlier than we anticipated (i.e. before adoption grants). And the fee was standing in the way of being matched with a little girl from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

I could share all of our ideas and plans about how to pay the fee, but I won't. The Lord was gracious to give wisdom and some measure of patience to walk with Him and to wait on His timing. We watched as He replenished our adoption fund through:
  • Chick Fil A "Spirit Night" for our adoption
  • Several unexpected "adoption gifts"
  • affiliate fees (keep shopping!)
  • Purchases of our t-shirts and Ugandan necklaces
  • Purchases of my parents' hand designed earrings 
Praise to the Lord that in a month He has provided (as of today) almost $2000 of the referral fee and we were able to mail a check today! Our agency will now place us on a wait list to be matched with a little girl age 3-7. And, yes, this means we will continue to learn how to wait...on the Lord, on His timing...for His glory and not our own. 

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Tessy said...

You left a very nice comment on my blog awhile back. 2 months after the airport and I am finally finding the time to respond. :-) I am hoping to follow your blog and your experience and pray for you along the way. Ohhh the wait can be so stinkin hard. The waiting is a learning process, but God's timing always trumps ours.