Saturday, November 19, 2011

"Drinking out of a fire hose"

We love our pastor's Biblical teachings and his sense of humor. Often when his teachings have included a lot of information, he will conclude by saying, "I know that was probably like drinking out of a fire hose, but I needed to give you all that background information. "

Yesterday was like that for us. Without going into too much detail, we had a school meeting and realized our sweet 7 year old son is having some problems at school. We are hoping it is a side effect of one of the new medications he is taking. If you have known us for long, you know he had a serious medical problem when he was 4. Pray for us as we continue to seek to understand long term effects and give him the support he needs, and for him as he struggles with the stress.

After that meeting, we had an appointment with our social worker for the 2nd homestudy interview. If you are unfamiliar with this process, a homestudy gathers very personal information about us and our family. The social worker uses this information to make adoption recommendations to our placement agency. Once approved, a legal document is compiled that will go to US immigration for approval.

Later in the afternoon, we had our placement agency orientation over the phone. More personal questions were followed by an overview of the Democratic Republic of the Congo adoption process. As with most adoption processes, there are many unknown factors. However, we learned some exciting possibilities in each meeting:

1- We will complete our homestudy process by the first of January (providing FBI fingerprint results are timely!)
2- It is possible that we will could be matched (receive a referral) while waiting to be approved through immigration. This means that we could be matched with a little girl earlier than we expected.

Both of these are very exciting, but both mean that we could have the next set of fees due sooner than we expected.  As we save to meet these, we are also fundraising through several different items. Visit our fundraising page for great Christmas items. 

We continue to see how God is leading us through this process. We are grateful for His provisions so far and the confirmations He is giving us along the way. We pray in this journey we continue to look to Him, trust in His timing, and give Him the glory for it all.

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