Monday, December 2, 2013

No Words

I can hardly find the words to start this post. Our hearts and minds still cannot wrap around the events that have unfolded in the few weeks since we passed adoption court in Ethiopia.

We received a call from our adoption agency on Wednesday, November 20th, letting us know that the judge had reversed her adoption decree.  We have far more questions than we do answers at this point. This is what we do know:

...we passed court and were given legal guardianship of Y & G
...the court decision was irreversible (as emphasized by the judge)
...the mother had appeared before the same judge in October, confirming her relinquishment of Y & G and her understanding they were being legally adopted
...the mother appealed her relinquishment to the same judge sometime shortly after our court hearing
...the judge denied the mother's first appeal for the reversal of her relinquishment 
...the mother returned with "compelling evidence" that her circumstances had changed 
...the judge approved the mother's second appeal 
...the judge reversed our adoption decree, making it null and void
...Y & G have returned to their birth mother

...we were not made known the events that transpired over a 2 week time period by our agency (until it was completed)
...we are unclear as to exactly what was the nature of the "compelling evidence" 
...we had/have no known recourse of action

Please pray for our family as we continue to grapple with and process this information. Pray for our children: Katie and David as they deal with another adoption heartbreak and Y & G, that they are truly getting the care they need and have been promised. Pray for us, that we will have much wisdom and discernment as we seek clearer information and also help our children process this loss. 


Chris O'Rear said...

I am so sorry. What a horrible disappointment. I will be praying for you all.

Debbie Burton said...

Lori, I am so sorry to hear this. I can't imagine the heartbreak. I pray that Y & G are being loved and cared for - what an emotional roller coaster for them, too. May God grant you extra measures of peace.