Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Winter into Spring

Winter into Spring  
by Richard Lackman

And so it is that through the coldest season of the year
We sequester deep within the halls that we hold dear
Waiting for the sunrise and the promise it will bring
That the stranglehold of winter will be broken by the spring

Then finally it happens; ice flows melt and streams cascade
Flowers bloom and fruit trees blossom while the pall of winter fades
Black and white are all forgotten as a rainbow now appears
And the cycle reinvigorates the passing of the years

Winter into spring. The time amidst the cold, gray certainty of winter with nothing but the hope and the promise of the coming spring. Here we find ourselves. And here is where our adoption story is, as well.

The hope and excitement of the promise of adoption and the anticipated joy when we accepted the referral of Jeremy and Jadon to our family has been replaced with the pain and disappointment of a referral lost through corruption and greed. Our pain has been deepened by our awareness of more fraud, failed adoptions
and warfare within this country we have come to love – all at the expense of those least fortunate and most vulnerable.

At the depth of winter, a failed adoption, twins who are part of our family who we will never meet, a country we love – that we will not  adopt from, at least not now. Though we are confident that God triumphs over evil, sometimes, for the moment, evil wins – such is life in a broken fallen world.

And in the depth of bleakness, a ray of spring. We will now move forward to adopt from Ethiopia – a country we are learning and I’m sure we will come to love. We shall move forward in hope and trust; hope for what lies ahead for our family and trust that God will in right time make all obscure things clear.

-by Thom 


Mary Ann said...

I'm sorry for the pain of this trail right now. GOD is faithful and sovereign. HIS timing is perfect.
With love and prayers, Mary Ann

Jason Egly said...

So proud of you guys and your courage and perseverance. Praying that God will give beauty for ashes ...

alison boyle said...

When Addison was born, you gave her a book called "The 12 Gifts of Birth." On the page for the gift of hope was a small, fragile crocus growing out of the snow. I never quite understood this picture until we lived in Valdez where the snow and darkness lasts for several month. Then one day, there was a small flower poking up amidst snow. HOPE! I pray that you would see the crocus and remember that Spring will come.
~Alison Boyle

Anonymous said...

Thom and Lori, I'm sorry for your loss. I have faith that it will all work out as it should. You are an amazing family with a beautiful story!
Rachel Novak