Tuesday, July 24, 2012

This summer...

The summer days are flying by and school is only a few weeks away. 
 Here's a glimpse at what our family has been up to!


At our neighborhood pool

Early evening swim 

Hanging out with friends

Visiting Family

With family out of state, we enjoy having time to travel and visit family during the summer

Relaxing with mom

On the lake with Papa during a trip to SC
Katie and Mimi on way to SC for Katie's visit this week

Playing cards with Thom's family in Ohio
Katie and Aunt Dee
Enjoying a favorite summer past-time with Grandma Thornton 
and aunts and uncles
Enjoying Simple Things 

Cucumbers from the garden
Camp with church youth group

New sports
Cool Treats
Backyard Kids Club (VBS) in our neighborhood

Discovering a "new" show on Netflix (a great alternative when cutting out cable)
Our kids discovered the show while at Grandma's and both love it. It is funny to hear them ask to watch The Dick Van Dyke Show before bed...a great "bridge" between an 8 & 12 year old!  

Watching for hummingbirds...

and sunsets!
Road Tripping

We didn't really "vacation" this year, but enjoyed an amazing road trip to Niagara Falls while in Ohio. I will share pictures on a post soon!


Yes, we are still waiting for a referral for a little girl in the DRC. We have really cherished our time together as a family of 4, but we all wait for THE CALL that will let us know that we have been matched with a little girl in the DRC!  We trust God's timing and try to wait patiently as our agency navigates fully establishing its "pilot program" in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Until then, we will continue to prepare our hearts and pray for her safety and well-being until the day we see her face, know her name, and bring her home!

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