Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Best Day Ever...

"This was my best day it was my birthday!" 
David, age 6

Most of our Saturdays are lazy days. Since both of us have jobs that are outside the home,  we like it that way! Cleaning house, playing, reading, and random unscheduled activities fill the day. Today, we chunked cleaning house for the warm(er) temperatures and bright blue skies outside. Since Katie had birthday party for the entire afternoon, David had Thom and I all to himself. 

We set out for the park armed with cold drinks from Starbucks (thanks to a birthday gift card). After a long walk, David played on the playground.  

Actually, both of my guys played!

After another long walk and a game of tag, we headed out to Dippin' Dots to let David use his "free cup of the month card." On the drive home, we caught sight of hot air balloons being fired up for a flight. 

David, of course, lost interest and found a basketball court and ball.

While the boys played, I wandered down to the Harpeth River...

and was quickly joined by David...

...and then my other favorite guy!

 What a wonderful day!

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Amy said...

Looks wonderful! Thankful you enjoyed it!