Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A few of my favorite things...

I  celebrated my 41st birthday yesterday. My sweet Katie got up early to make breakfast for me and Thom joined her to help out. The kids get super excited about presents being opened so I indulged them by opening my presents before work/school (I know, such a sacrifice!). My family knows me well and treated me to some of my favorite things:

My favorite---daisies!
A t-shirt sold by this organization ...

who gives some of the proceeds
to support this ministry in Uganda!

A book on my "to read" list

A bracelet Katie picked out for me (she said it made her think of Africa)

There is a theme to my gifts, including a new "travel friendly" camera. God is opening my eyes and heart to a few things. Though I am not sure about the details at this writing, I am going on a mission trip to Africa in July of this year.  Thom and the kids were so thoughtful in the gifts they selected, but the best gift is being known and loved by them!

Another favorite gift is the quilt my mom made me out of my t-shirts from high school and college:

It is also a very thoughtful gift and a wonderful keepsake for some of my wonderful memories! Thanks, mom!

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